Five years after uncle Mia incident! (2008), Sophie teaches her mother’s past when pregnant herself. Download Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.
Director: Ol Parker
Author: Ol Parker (screenplay), Richard Curtis (story) |
Stars: Lily, James, Amanda Seyfried, Morley Strip |

Storyline Of Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Find Donner (Marily Strip, Lily, James) a young life, she enjoys three potential Sophie (Amanda Sherpa) parents. Sophie will now be like a pregnant wand, she will be a young mother, and she needs to take risks like her mother that she understands. Written by Brian Tristam Williams
Plot Summary :
Plot Keyword: Sequel | Thin woman. | Thin girl | Blonde | Blonde woman | Everything
Genre: Comedy | Harmonious
Motion Picture Scheduling (MPA)
PG-13 rates for some consultative material. | All certifications
Parents Guides: Content Advisory
Official sites: | Official site | Official site [Japan]
Country: UK | America
Language: English | French, Greek
Release date: 20 July 2018 (USA)
Also known as Mom Mia 2
Movie locations: Vis, Croatia
Box office
Budget: $ 70,000,000 (estimated)
Company credit
Production Co: Legendary Entertainment,
Technical spec
Duration: 114 minutes
Sound Mix: Dolby Sarah 7.1
Color: Color
Estimated Ratios: 2.39: 1

What did you know about Mamma Mia Here We Go Again?

A choir, playing the grandmother of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) in this movie, was an actress in the last video of ABBE in 2004. His name was ABB: Our Last Video Ever (2004). AFB’s 30th-anniversary video has been released since the Eurovision Evening Concert 1974 (1974) winner In the video, Cher was an audience member ABBA, depicted by the pupils, the actor won their song “Waterloo.”
The flashbacks were released in 1979 (published in the theatrical trailer), which means that in 1999 or 2000, the first movie events occurred since Sofie was 20 years old. If this film is five years after the first film (confirmed by universal images), but it would be impossible for Sophie and Bill’s mother to hold the iPhone.
Tania: Wash him and bring him to my tent.
Crazy credits
Credit view after a Harry and passport check. After the Harry pattern, the passport checking camera shows up and starts the presentation of “Take a chance on me”.
The good morning featured in Britain: Episode 17 July 2018 (2018)

User Reviews Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie

If you like “Mom Mia” First, you will like this one!
21 July 018 | by Anderson-
I spent 90% of this movie with a huge smile on my face and tried to do 10% ugly sunshine. The nicely chic and beautiful!
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The Equalizer 2 beats Mamma Mia as sequels on the US box office

When Friday was released, Mama Mia was ready for the biggest movie weekend, if not for two summers.
However, a spinner was thrown at the US box office in the shape of Denzel Washington.
Following the original purpose of Equalizer 2, 2014, Mamata was there before maternal death! Here we go again to claim top placement.
An action symbol of $ 34.4 million pounds (26.1 million pounds) is worth $ 35.8 million (£ 27.2 million).
But this city was only two sales.
At the weekend there were fewer eight follow-ups among the top ten films, the film’s sequel session confirmed this summer’s authenticity.
1. Equivalent 2- $ 35.8 (£ 27.2m)
Mom Mia! Here we go again – $ 34.4m (£ 26.1m)
3. Hotel Transition 3 – $ 23.2 m (£ 17.6m)
4. Ant-Man and Fold – $ 16.1m (£ 12.2m)
5. Incredibles 2 – $ 11.5m (£ 8.74m)
6. Jurassic World: Falling State – $ 11m (£ 8.36m)
7. Skyscrapers – $ 10.96m (£ 8.3m)
8. First solar – $ 5m (£ 3.8m)
9. Unique: Dark Web – $ 3.5m (£ 2.7m)
10. Sorry to bother you – $ 2.8m (£ 2.1m)
If you were to ask for skiers and apologies, you were the only movie where one is not a part of the franchise.
After coming in second place, Mamata Mia becomes the cause of failure – the film is in line with expectation.
Instead, the success of The Exclaimer 2 was a stranger – analysts cast a racially diverse audience and deep interest in men.
“It’s a great surprise to come in number one in the highly competitive market,” said Andrian Smith, head of Sony’s domestic distribution, Diversity.
“It really demands Denzel, without a doubt.”
Despite its reaction to a reaction from critics, its success came in, in which a picture describes the plot “read like middle-aged fantasy”.

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