Among the Western modern thrillers from the Director of the Lone Surveyor, Mark Wahlberg is called James Silva, an operator of the CIA’s most valuable and low-understanding unit. Supported by a top-secret strategic command team, Silva must recover and transport a wealth of life-threatening information from the 22 miles to the drain before it is closed in the enemy. For Watch Download Mile 22 Full Movie Online Available Now.

Ratings: And (strong violence and language across)

Genre: action adventure

Guided by: Peter Berg

Written by: Lei Craftsman

Theater: August 17, 2018, wide

Date: 90 minutes

Studio: STXfilms

Country: America. Language: English | Russian | Indonesian.

Release date: 17 August 2018 (United States)

Also known as 22 miles

Movie locations: Bogotá, Colombia


The box office of Mile 22 Full Movie 2018

On August 29, 2018, miles 22 US $ 27.7 million in Canada and $ 6.3 million in other areas, and more than $ 34 million worldwide.

In the United States and Canada, Mile 22 was released by Crazy Rich Ashes and Alpha, and it was close to $ 17 million from 3,522 theaters in the opening weekend. On the first day with a $ 1 million from Thursday night’s preview of 26600 theaters, earning $ 5.3 million on the first day. It finished third in the box office, going to debut at $ 13.6 million. On its second weekend, the movie moved to six places, resulting in a revenue of 6 million dollars.

What did you know about Mile 22?

The film was supposed to be set in some Asian cities but was filmed in Bogota, Colombia. A very good job was concealed in the city’s true identity, but there could be some scenes in Spanish that a Colombian flag was seen in one scene.

User Reviews Of Mile 22 Full Movie 2018

★★★★★Unwanted and frustrating

The trailer looked great, but the real movie is just a weird disappointment. It was strange, coming from director Peter Berg but I do not blame him completely. The text is just curious. Mark Wahlberg does not come as a super-dedicated, fairly over-the-top special type of operation type guy who is just constantly going to rants to intensify the movie but it just comes as weird, unnecessary, and confusing. Lorraine Cohan is the most disappointing divorced mother, finally, they only throw great Rondo Roussey to give her zero battle scene and only give any line …. great Download Mile 22 Full Movie Link Also.

The movie star I know Wau was, with the scene of an amazing battle with a much faster variable angle, so that you can not follow exactly what you are about to happen. Action scenes were pretty cool but the overall conspiracy was so stupid that it stopped me.

Suitable actions but Wahlberg’s character was almost annoying at all

I have been looking forward to a movie right now and I would say I let a little down. The action was really good but the plot and script was not so good especially Wahlberg’s character. He did not stop talking about this OCD ramblings because they had tried a genius mind that overdrive 24/7 he came off like an old Dennis Leary without having a fun and more drawings.


★★★★★Slow steps are good and bad because it’s a bit chaotic, tedious, and forgotten.

Mile 22 is an Adrenaline Action Thriller that has exhausted you from its vibrator cam, went to the platform and made a poor dialogue. His quick editing on Peter Berg’s directorial stereo, which makes every film in Jason Bourne or shows Michael Bay’s work even more. That’s not a good thing for miles 22. Peter Burge creates some intensity that keeps your heart pumps in such a short time with the film. He has done great in Lone Survivor, Diwvatar Horizon and Patriot Day. Mile 22 fails to be an exciting great movie.

The plot was complex. It is followed by James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) who is a semi-military organization called Overwatch. When their group attacked, they went to the Russian KGB helicopter house and mission side a year or so, James and his team were assigned to the 22 miles of the Noor (Iko Uwais) to the northeast for extraction. Because Li Nuru’s valuable Intel could be a threat to the nation. During their transport, the attackers attacked and another paramilitary group, which will not stop to kill Lee Nur.

I thought the plot of the film and the direction of what was going to be lost. This story was like this when it was just over a story. If you have a quick talk James Silva, at any moment can explode with his Minaya personality. He is hard with his team which they can barely keep. Especially, Alice (Loren Kohan), who is fighting with divorce and the Hefazat war. But James informs him that he is confused and will lose his job. Then, a Russian terrorist has a platform that is on a plane with an agenda as they have surveillance on this dance surveillance Leo door. And there is a zapper element that has terror information from Lee Nair, which is waiting for the attack. The film is a twist that lets you freeze and end a cliffhanger which leaves you for a sequel.

The direction of cinematography in front of this movie was included in the camera movement and quick editing. The attack scene with others, including Iowa Wives, is confusing. The shoots were higher in shots, and a bang gets it almost too repetitive. James and his team are on a long 22-mile journey, including running vehicles, firing, more films, and a building with close combat wars. And repeat I like most Peter Berg films Yes, he has increased intensity with the film. But this one gets a bit annoying with his statement when it was wrong in his action with James Silva interviewed in an interview interviewed in the scene. Or when video surveillance is monitored through a drone or street cameras. It can be annoying.

Mark Wahlberg was as great as fast talking and crazy character. John Malkovich was just very good with sitting behind watching observers to monitor the action behind. Loren Cohan was well just by hand on the action. When Iko Udhays was like the next Jet Li or Jackie Chan, it was a lot of what came with war and Randy Rousey barely had some short action scenes.

Overall, mile 22 is a bad picture. Mark Wahlberg was good and yes the film might start a franchise. The quick editing guideline of Peter Berg that can be tedious after a short time after the camera gets lost in camera with its action scenes in the camera movement. The poor plot that it needs to have a twist to make it better feels not just a story like a movie.

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