In an alternative to the Oakland edition, Telemarketer Cashless Green invented a magical key for professional success, making him a strange universe of sorry to bother you film.
Director: Boot Relay
Writer: Boot relay
Stars: Lechit Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler

Storyline Sorry to Bother You

In an alternative to the Oakland edition, Telemarketer Cashless Green invented a magical key for professional success, making him a strange universe.

Plot Keyword: Half of the people half-animal. | Unreality | Social satire | Magical reality | Oakland California

Motion Picture Scheduling (MPA)
R for broad language, some powerful sexual content, graphic nudity, and drug use. |

Official sites: Official site
Country: America
Language: English
Release Date: 13 July 2018 (USA)
Movie locations: Oakland, California, USA

Box office
Weekend United States Open: $ 727,266, 8 July, 018, Limited Release
Gross USA: $ 5273,833, 15 July 018

Company credit
Production Co: Cinereach, Notable Productions of Forest Whitaker, MACRO

Technical space
Date: 105 minutes
Color: Color

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User Reviews Sorry to Bother You Film

July 8, 2018, by jmkosinski
The movie is going to go later where frustrating and almost impossible. Suitable for the moment of corporate trick and dystopian folly enough folly that it works enough. These movies do not take themselves very seriously.

What performance is a good comedy is this except it set it apart? Lakeith Stanfill’s Daria’s stone from Atlanta, unmistakable, brought the world a weary vibe. Armie Hammer is always dominant and Tessa Thompson is luminescent and only works much more than the necessary love interest.

Ambitious, yet scattered
Yee_Reviews May 11, 2018
Good: The idea was original and different, and the first two-thirds of the film was interesting/engaging. The film is filled with the talent of the Army Hammer from Tessa Thompson. But the real standout is that the character of Lakeith Stanfield is relatable with a difference and its struggles and goals in the life of world life. I love the themes that the film deals with the corruption of the big company and the hunger for money.

Bad: The film is moving much more with its subplots. In the end, the story becomes shocked value more and it starts to create social problems that are lost on bad acid trips. As the film was fast and dirty, some concepts and letters were not fully developed. I personally could not find funny jokes, but my audience was laughing for the most part.

A fun acid trip !!!!
WrianRyter 1 June 2018
I was not sure what to do from the trailer, but it’s one of the few movies this year that originated from the beginning of the origin of the senses.

I think it should be remembered that even though it’s a thought-provoking film, it did not leave you in a shocking “wtf that was / my brain is now oatmeal, thanks guys” when it finishes the mood. (Like many artsy social opinion films.)

Come on, and enjoy the ride!

Hyacacental, thoughtful devil
Basil-852-731547 June 29, 2018
I went to an advance screening in this movie, hoping something unique, but nothing could prepare me for the perfect talent of this satiric masterwork. To the end, till the end, the film joins one of its greatest celebrities – from the “Wild Tails” from “South Park” to “Best of Saturday Night Live”.

The story follows Casillas, an African-American telemarketer from Auckland. When calling for his “white voice” in the service, he was promoted to his career quickly – and after a rigorous campaign ended, everything suddenly went out of control. I definitely will not give away something else away, so do yourself as looters should be experienced definitely. The film’s scripts are incredibly strong and consistently delightful. I have seen this movie in comparison to any other movie in recent memory.

Instant Comic Classic.
samf2006 7th of July 2018
Pros: The film is a unique piece of B movie art.

Lakeith Stanfield is a great actor.

Tessa Thompson was really an interesting character.

The movie was sunny.

Cons: The director felt that the story was uncertain about how the story would end, the protest scenes were spread over a long time.

A frustrating mess
debit spread 13 July 2018
I wanted to like this movie, and it did have some pretty features on the DID, but it was probably the perfect possibility of great bulky chances. I saw articles about Riley’s political philosophy – which is fine, Unfortunately, he does not know how to write a script that promises to be given in the future – if he has one – maybe he will make something that will help him focus on the concept of his story.

Some people will like this picture, and I’ll tell them: Great Wonderful. You were glad that you had a positive experience

I was one of them. For me, though, it was just the opposite. I bothered after first work and stopped rooting for the hero. After that point, I felt trapped.

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